Tips for Scheduling Post on Facebook for Bloggers

I love to write blog post and create brilliant graphics for my post, but thats only one part of blogging. The other part is promoting on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, which can all become overwhelming and time consuming. Plus as a blogger, you always have to be ahead of the season and trends.

The fall and holiday season is coming soon and I had to figure out how to make my Facebook page more coherent. I used to post on Facebook daily with my favorite ideas from Pinterest in my niche and post them to my page using the “scheduled post” on Facebook under the Publishing Tools tab. I wasn’t keeping track of what I posted, so I constantly had to go back and make sure I had not already posted that content. Plus if time became a factor or my children were not cooperating, my Facebook page would have no post for that day.

This weekend I created a system to organize my post and plan the entire month. I chose content for my niche that related to August- fun holidays, back to school, fall/sunflowers, and other (recipes, DIY, crafts), Plus I wrote which days I would be publishing my blog post of the month. I usually try to do a blog post twice a week.

Then I color coded each idea for the month:
August & Fun Holidays- Green
Back to School- Red
Fall/Sunflowers- Brown

Other- Orange

Blog Post- Pink

The first step is to do the research of the content you want to provide your Facebook followers. I always use Pinterest! For back to school I found 31 pins that related to back to school organization, 1st day signs, lunch ideas, homework stations, teacher gifts and more.

Then to organize the ideas, I wrote out the dates in August and left enough space for 3 post.

Then I added the fun holidays first and organized the back to school ideas by importance from getting ready for school (at the beginning of August) to the first day of school and lunch ideas towards the end of August. Then I organized fall/sunflower ideas and added in other ideas for post. I filled in each day of the month of August and next to the idea, I put the Pinterest Board name where the pin could be found.

Once I had the month filled out on paper(the color coding helped so much) I scheduled the entire month on Facebook using the “scheduled post” under Publishing Tools.

To make it easier I did all the post from my parenting board, then my kids boards, and the other boards that I used. It was easier and faster to find the pins and schedule them. After the whole month was scheduled, I went back and double checked all the times to make sure the scheduled post would post throughout the day.

I can’t really give an accurate time frame of how long this took me because I worked on it in bits and pieces with many interruptions. I can say in two days I had my Facebook page all set for August. The whole month is researched, organized, and scheduled. Now I can start planning on September. I’m finally starting to feel organized for my blog and my Facebook page will have a coherent theme.

I hope you found this organizational idea helpful and I would love to find out how you organize your Facebook page.

Hi I'm Jenny from Cookies, Coffee, and Crafts. I love to create decorations for my home, projects to create magical holidays, and to have fun with my kids. The quote "I run on coffee, chaos, and crafts" describes my world and I wouldn't have it any other way. I hope you find inspiration and enjoy my creative journey.