How to Make Easy Paper Daisy

How to Make an Easy Paper Daisy

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A field of daisies sounds wonderful to me, I could just sit and dream and wonder at the beauty. Daisies are my favorite flower and I have them all over my yard. I have daisies and lots of flowers that look like daisies. My husband knows the way to my heart is with daisies and wildflowers. Are you thinking about your favorite flower now? The sad truth is real flowers don’t last forever, but paper ones do. A paper daisy will last forever and you can use them in so many ways.

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Paper Daisies are Perfect For:

Cupcake Toppers
Gift Bags
Gift Tags

Paper Daisy on Shelf

Let’s Learn How to Make an Easy Paper Daisy

Cricut Design Space™ has so many wonderful projects already made and you just have to hit “Make It.” I found these paper daisies under Projects- Flowers. If you are unsure where to start when making paper flowers, start with an already made project in Design Space. Many of the Cricut design inspriation are free with your Cricut Access Premium.

Projects in Cricut Design Space

The other neat thing I found out is that Cricut has handbooks for each of the cartridges. The directions to put together this daisy is in the 3D Floral Home Decor Handbook. Here are the paper flower directions below. The pictures are great and easy to follow.

Paper Daisy Handbook Directions

Let’s Make a Paper Daisy with the Cricut

Go into Design Space and find the paper daisy project. These paper daisies will be 4 inches wide by 4 inches high. This project makes 3 daisies- one large, one medium, and one small.

Supplies for Paper Daisy

White card stock
Yellow card stock
Standard Grip Mat
Cricut Maker
Double Sided Tape

Hit Make it!

Paper Daisy to Cut

Glue the flower pieces together. It has 3 large petals, 3 small petals and one center for each flower. It did make leaves, but I chose not to use them for my flowers.

Easy Paper Daisy with Cricut

Start with the large pieces first, then glue the small pieces together.

Paper Daisy Pieces

The last step is to glue the small center into the target petal and you have a paper daisy that will last forever!

Easy Paper Daisy

Are you ready to make all kinds of flowers now? Just think of all the ways you can create and make with these paper daisies.

Cricut Paper Daisies

I added these fun pink paper straws to mine and put them in bottles on my shelf.

Paper Daisies on Straws


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