Adults, kids, teens can have fun with this DIY Duct Tape Frame. This is an easy decor idea, just follow the tutorial with supplies from the Dollar Store. #DuctTape #DuctTapeCrafts #DecorIdeas #Kids #Teens #Tutorial #DIY #DollarStore #Crafts #Kidscraft #TeenCrafts #tween #Tweencrafts

How to Make a Duct Tape Picture Frame

I was inspired grocery shopping at Aldis, when I saw a display of decorative duct tape. The duct tape was all bright colors and patterns and I thought how adorable, then “What could I make?”

As soon as I saw the red polka dot duct tape, I knew it was perfect for creating a picture frame for my crafting business, LoveBug Crafts.

The Duct Tape Picture Frame can be used in so many fun ways. Crafting with duct tape is brilliant because if it doesn’t come out right, you can peel it off and try again.

Here are some Ideas for the Duct Tape Picture Frame:
Birthday Party Craft
Girl Scout/Boy Scout Craft
Decoration for a Classroom (I was thinking Back to School Night or a plastic frame for the classroom)
Birthday Party Decoration

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Here is How to Make a Duct Tape Picture Frame:
The supplies & how to’s for this craft are super easy.

Duct Tape
Dollar Store Frame

  1. Choose what size frame you would like and take the frame apart, so your just working with the frame part.

  1. Then cut one piece of duct time at a time (I just measured it along the sides of the picture frame). I did the 2 long sides first and then the 2 short sides.

  1. For the corners, I cut the end of the duct tape at an angle and trimmed it in the back to lay flat. In the inside corner make a small diagonal slit.

  1. Complete all 4 sides and now your duct tape picture frame is ready to display your favorite picture or hold a sign.

I think the possibilities are endless all you need is duct tape and a frame to create something unique.

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