3 Christmas Party Foods for a Busy Mom

3 Christmas Party Foods for a Busy Mom

Christmas is a magical fun time, but it is also busy and at times overwhelming and stressful. Here are 3 Christmas (really anytime of the year) party food tips that I use. These require little prep and no cooking is involved. Just put on a cute tray and your party food is ready to go. These party foods are perfect for entertaining at home or for taking to a Christmas party.

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When my son saw the tray, he asked me if this was a polar bear dressed as Santa and if I could hurry because his tummy was hungry for chips. Kids do say the cutest thing and Santa does look a little like a polar bear.


I host my family on Christmas Eve after dinner and it's a crazy busy time. The kids are super hyper and excited, my husband and I are cleaning up from dinner, and getting ready for our family to visit. I also try to pick party food that is inexpensive. I have found Aldis has amazing food for the holidays. Last year I found danishes for Christmas morning, the cheese ball, crackers, chips and dip that fit perfectly in our Christmas budget and taste delicious. I do splurge on the Xochitl chips though because they are so good and the colors of Christmas, trust me once you try them you will agree.


#1 Chips and Dip
  • I love the red and green chips for Christmas by Xochitl (these are my favorite chips), but they are more expensive (about $5 a bag)
  • Use Salsa or any dip that you like
  • This party food cost about $8 (including the cost of the Santa Tray)


#2 Cheese Ball and Crackers
  • Just take out of the package and place with crackers on a tray
  • Remember to take the cheese ball out about 20-30 minutes early, so that it will soften
  • This party food cost about $5
  • There is never any cheese ball left after a Christmas party


#3 Bread and Dip
  • Pick your favorite bread and buy a round loaf and dip. Our favorite is pumpernickel and dill dip.
  • Cut the bread and place the bread and the dip on the tray
  • This party food cost about $8

These party foods will be easy to create and make your Christmas party fabulous. Add something healthy a fruit or vegetable tray or add something delicious like Christmas Cupcakes or Cookies. I always try to have something sweet, something salty, something healthy, and to make sure all of them are easy to create. Enjoy the Christmas season and create lasting memories with your family. Merry Christmas!

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Jenny Sparmo

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