DIY Witches Broom Halloween Decoration

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Once again I went into the dollar general for something else and came out with decorations and supplies to craft. This time it’s to create a Halloween Witches Broom Decoration to hang. I think my husband might start banning me from the dollar stores. Plus when I came home with the witches broom, my children fell in love with it on sight and started playing with it. I went right back to the dollar general because I needed two more witches brooms. They played with those brooms all day long and have for a couple days, I just love their imagination and creativity.

This craft is super easy, simple and only cost $3, that is awesome all around. I already had the scrapbook paper, so if you don’t have paper or want to get a Happy Halloween Sign, your project would cost about $4. I created the Happy Halloween sing in Cricut Design Space and cut it using my Cricut Explore. Then all you need is a glue gun and a small piece of ribbon to hang it.

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Cricut Maker Machine

Step 1:

  • Break the headband parts off of the witches headband
  • Glue the withes hat to the top of the broom- I put glue in the inside of the hat and then I glued the front and back of the hat to the broom

Step 2:

  • Hot Glue the Happy Halloween Sign to the Broom

Step 3:

  • Cut off the wire hanger on the back of the pumpkin
  • Hot Glue the Pumpkin to the broom

Step 4:

  • Hot Glue a ribbon to the back of the witches hat to hang your Halloween Witches Broom Decoration

This Halloween Witches Broom Decoration will be the perfect spooky and cute addition to your Halloween decorations.

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