Halloween Washi Tape Picture Frame

Halloween Washi Tape Picture Frame

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Halloween is a favorite in our home and we go all out. We love to do cute, fun and spooky decorations. When I saw the doodlebug washi tape, I knew it would be a perfect addition to our Halloween Decorations. Follow this easy DIY tutorial to create a Halloween Washi Tape Picture Frame. The Halloween Washi Tape Picture Frame is a fun and easy DIY.

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Let’s Create a Halloween Washi Tape Picture Fame

Supplies for Halloween Washi Tape Picture Frame


Wooden Jack O’Lantern
Doodlebug Designs Happy Halloween Washi Tape
X-ACTO 2 Knife
Doodlebug Washi Tape
Cutting Board
Hot Glue Gun

Cute Halloween Washi Tape for pumpkin

Step 1:

Adding Washi Tape to DIY Picture Frame for Halloween

Start with choosing the pattern of your washi tape to go on the wooden jack o’lantern. Then start applying the washi tape onto the jack o’lantern in long strips going all the way across the jack o’lantern. Leave enough washi tape at each end to curve it around the edge of the pumpkin. Just go straigh across the eyes, nose and mouth (we will turn it back into a jack o’lantern in step 2).

Step 2:

Use the exacto knife to cut the jack o lanterns face out of the Washi tape

After covering the whole jack o’lantern in washi tape, it’s time to cut out the eyes, nose, and mouth. Place your jack o’lantern on a cutting mat or board and use the exacto knife to cut out the features. Cut as close as you can to the wood. This part made me really nervous, but it was easy and the washi tape cut great.

Creating the Pumpkin face on Halloween frame

Step 3:

Using Washi tape to finish the Halloween craft

Choose a washi tape to go inside the edge of the eyes, nose and mouth. I chose the black with polka dots because I wanted it to blend in. Carefully smooth it along the edges and in the corners. For the curved features, make slits in the back of the washi tape and it will fold nicely without creases on the features.

Step 4:

Adding the metal clip on the DIY Picture frame to hold the picture
Place the clip and hot glue the clip to the Halloween Washi Tape Picture Frame. I see in the picture a little washi tape was sticking up, don’t worry I just smoothed it back down. Make sure you place it high enough so the cute jack o’lantern face shows.

This adorable, bright, and fun picture frame is ready to show off those cute Halloween photos.

Halloween Washi tape picture frame to display your favorite halloween photo

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