Halloween Lunch Notes with Cricut

Halloween Lunch Notes with Cricut

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I’ve always wanted to send lunchbox notes in my kids lunch, but I just run out of time. I hit the jackpot at Target and found some marked down after school started. The kids are in love with them and look forward to it everyday. Now I’ve really started something. With Halloween coming soon, I decided to use up my scrap card stock and vinyl to make some Halloween Lunch Notes with my Cricut Maker. I had so much fun creating these, I could do this kind of crafting for hours.

Every morning when I make lunches, I have so much fun picking out the cute kid friendly lunch box note. I just image my kids smile as they open their lunch and know that I am thinking of them.

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It’s been awhile since I’ve done a big cleaning and tried to use up my scrap pieces of card stock and vinyl. Sometimes it just takes so long to go through all the little pieces. The Halloween lunch box ideas are perfect for using these up. The more I use, the more I can buy right?

Scrapbook Paper to Make Halloween Lunch Notes with Cricut

Supplies for Making Lunchbox Notes with Cricut

Cricut Maker or any cutting machine
Variety of Card Stock
Vinyl Scraps
Halloween Card Stock
Cricut Tools

Let’s Create Halloween Lunch Notes with Cricut

Start with choosing the size you want for your lunchbox notes. I did 4 inches high by 6 inches long. I’m using some of the sheets from my Halloween Scrap Pad that’s 4.5 x 6.5 so I wanted the sizes to be similar, plus if the lunchbox notes are to small, the images on them will be very small. I want those adorable cute Halloween monsters and such to be the centerpiece.

Mummy Lunchbox Note Idea

For this project I chose to use Miss Kate Cuttables images in Cricut Design Space™ with my Cricut Access Premium membership. Miss Kate’s Cuttables are kid friendly and super cute. Look at this Frankie, don’t you just love him?

DIY KId Frienldy Frankenstein Halloween Lunch Box Note

Use your imagination and create some Halloween Lunchbox Notes for your kids. Take your scrap card stock and vinyl, then use the write and cut features in Cricut Design Space™.

Be Kind Halloween Themed Lunch Box Note Idea

I just don’t have the time to make detailed ones for everyday so I’m creating a couple detailed ones and a few simple ones with words of encouragement or praise on Halloween paper.

Kid Friendly halloween themed lunchbox notes

The kids will love anything I create for them with my Cricut Maker. The hardest part was making sure they didn’t see the Halloween themed notes. I wish I could get a picture of the surprise look on their faces when they see them. Sometimes that’s the first thing they tell me about when they come home is their lunchbox note.

Cat Halloween Lunchbox Ideas with Cricut Maker

Are you ready to DIY some Halloween themed lunchbox notes with your Cricut Maker? Just think of the memories you will be making!

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