DIY Greeting Card Organizer Box from the Dollar Tree

Greeting Card Organizer Box

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Do you ever look at the cards at the store and see a card that’s perfect for someone you know, but it’s not their birthday? I know I’ve been their before and I think to myself, where am I going to put this card so I remember it? Especially now that there are over 6,800 Dollar Tree store nationwide and on August 25, we will be celebrating 1 YEAR of carrying Expressions from Hallmark, $1 each, and Heartline A Hallmark Company, 2 for $1 getting cards. With hundreds of greeting cards to choose from, you can celebrate every moment with your friends and family without breaking the bank! To keep track of all your new cards, create this simple DIY greeting card organizer box with a book bin for only $2.

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Hallmark Greeting Cards from the Dollar Tree

Hallmark Greeting Cards at Dollar Tree

The card selection at the Dollar Tree is amazing. They have character cards for kids and so many others that are sweet, thoughtful, and funny. It will be easy to find a card for everyone you know! Don’t miss out on the special sweepstakes, that I will tell you all about.

Thinking of you Hallmark Cards at Dollar Tree

Some of my favorite things about the cards are:
– quality paper
– the sentiments are heartfelt and sweet
– colorful matching envelopes
– the assortment is unbelievable.
– the quality is amazing for the price
– in certain stores, they have the following card lines, such as
Hallmark Mahogany, Joyfully Yours, Tree of Life or Vida.

Dollar Tree Hallmark Cards

Let’s Create a Greeting Card Organizer Box with a Book Bin

Simple Card Organizer Box Supplies for the Home

To get started, just head to your local Dollar Tree. Pick out your book bin and some Expressions From Hallmark cards. Then get ready for a super Easy DIY.

I really like this book bin because it’s the perfect size. It will easily fit inside a closet or on a shelf. To label the organizer box, I just used a piece of the file folders. Whenever you need a birthday, thinking of you, get well or a sympathy card (unfortunately we need those too), you can just grab your box, pick out a card, and send it.

Greeting Card Organizer Box Labeled

I chose a pink book bin because it was bright and cheerful. That’s exactly how cards make people feel when you send happy mail.

Label Idea to Organize the Greeting Cards in a Box

If you want to take your card organization to the next level, create dividers with labels.The Dollar Tree has a very pretty selection of file folders. I chose a pretty design and cut them in half. Next I cut about 2 inches off of the bottoms so they were not to tall for the bin. Simply write your labels and your new Hallmark card organizer and storage box is already.

Storage Idea for Greeting Cards with Labeled Organizers

Now all of my cards will be in the same organizer box and I won’t have to run out anymore last minute to get a card.

DIY Greeting Card Box

Are you ready for the exciting sweepstakes?

With this special event, Dollar Tree is launching an exciting sweepstakes with a prize that includes a box full of greeting cards and note cards + a $100 Dollar Tree Gift Card! There will be 20 winners in total. Audiences can enter the sweepstakes at this link: Dollar Tree Sweepstakes

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