Glitter Ribbon Christmas Ornament from the Dollar Tree

Glitter Ribbon Christmas Ornament from the Dollar Tree

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Do you have a craft supply that you like to buy even when you don’t need it? For me it’s ribbon! I love ribbon, every time I see beautiful ribbon that I love, I buy it! The positive side is I always have ribbon. The Dollar Tree is one of my favorite places for ribbon (and lots of other stuff too). The glitter ribbon looked so pretty and the sparkle really caught my eye. I imagined a glitter Ribbon Christmas Ornament sparkling on the Christmas tree.

I’m excited to work with this amazing group of bloggers on this months Dollar Store Craft Challenge.

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Supplies for DIY Dollar Tree Ribbon Christmas Ornament

Red Glitter Ribbon
Green Glitter Ribbon
Hot Glue Gun
Hot Glue
Paper Mache Ball Ornament 3.5 inches
White Craft Paint
Foam Brush
Measuring Tape

Let’s Create a Glitter Ribbon Christmas Ornament from the Dollar Tree

I found the paper mâché ball ornament at Hobby Lobby, it was $1.20 so just a little over a dollar. The cost of the ornament total was a little over $3 which is still a steal and I have glitter ribbon for other projects. I also made this super cute Glittery Christmas Ponytail Holder too.

Paper Mache Ball Ornament to paint and add ribbon to

To get started paint your ball ornament white with craft paint. I used a drink tray to hold the ball as I painted it, it worked out perfectly. The ball took 4 coats of paint.

Painting the paper Mache ball white to hot glue the ribbon to for a glittery ribbon Christmas ornament craft

Next I measured around the ornament to find out how long to cut my ribbon. The 3.5 inch ornament is about 11 inches around.

Measure the ribbon for the handmade ribbon Christmas Ornament from the Dollar Tree

I hot glued the ribbon to the top of the ball and wrapped the ribbon around and glued it again. Then I did another ribbon around and just kept going.

To create the DIY Ribbon Christmas Ornament just wrap it around and hot glue the ribbon

The sparkle is magical on this ornament. The sparkle will be all over you too!

Glittery Ribbon Christmas Ornament from the Dollar tree is an easy and sparkly craft idea

This is what the sides look like.

DIY Ribbon Christmas Ornament Craft Idea

To hang the ornament on the tree I hot glued a green ribbon to the top and added a red glitter bow.

Hanging the Glittery DIY Ribbon Christmas Ornament from the Dollar Tree on the Christmas Tree

The Glitter Ribbon Christmas Ornament only takes a few minutes and is easy, cheap, and simple. It would make a great glittery gift for someone special.

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