Let your preschooler and toddler tend to their garden in the sensory bin. This fun ideas is hours of fun with some supplies and black beans. #GardenSensoryBin #SensoryBin #SensoryPlay #Garden #Kids #funforkids #Play #Summer

Garden Sensory Bin

Summer is here and the flowers are in full bloom. My kids love playing outside and going in the pool, but sometimes it’s rainy or just to hot. We haven’t reached the super hot days yet, but they will be coming. One thing they love is a sensory bin! I have done sensory bins throughout the year with different ideas. Today I’m sharing our garden sensory bin.

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Let’s Create a Garden Sensory Bin

Any kind of tub or bin will work. We have this awesome Little Tikes Garden Table. It makes a great gift because you can use it all year by just changing the theme.

Garden Sensory Bin


Black Beans
Watering Can

The Little Tikes Garden Table comes with almost all of these supplies, but I add more because it’s not enough for both kids. Plus bugs are a part of summer. The little metal buckets make great planters. This garden comes with no weeds (these are some lucky kids).

The kids can spend hours scooping, planting, and creating a rainbow. I love listening to their stories as they create and plant a garden. The cutest is when they create presents for each other with the flowers.

Another fun idea is to take the flowers and create a flower shop to play in. The kids love to create a flower shop in the kitchen play center and display their flower arrangements.

The garden sensory bin will be hours of fun, creativity, imagination and play.

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