Fluffy Cloud Dough Recipe

Fluffy Cloud Dough Recipe for Kids

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Do your kids love messy play? The Fluffy Cloud Dough Recipe is great for fun messy play for the kids and easy clean up for you. The July Pinterest Challenge Blog Hop hosted by My Pinterventures is the perfect time to make some pins that I’ve saved to do with the kids. My blogging friend Heather at Glitter On a Dime makes fluffy cloud dough all the time with her kids. She inspired me to give it a try with mine. My kids love messy, slime sensory activities and I knew they would love cloud dough. I was right- it was a total mom win!

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Fluffy Cloud dough ingredients should be kept in your home at all times. It should be in your “moms bag of tricks” for a rainy day, whiny day, crazy day because sometimes doing something like this can bring calmness. I keep watercolors, food coloring, baking soda, vinegar, and shaving cream in the house at all times. You can do a variety of activities with these supplies and they can be a lifesaver, but let’s get back to the cloud dough.

Fluffy Cloud Dough Ingredients

Fluffy Cloud Dough Recipe

1 Cup Hair Conditioner
2 Cups of Corn Starch
Optional: Food Coloring and Glitter

How do you make Cloud Dough?

Fluffy Cloud Dough

If you are using glitter or food coloring add it to the hair conditioner and mix. I thought the cloud dough would be the color of the conditioner, but it was much lighter. My daughter would have liked hers more pink and my sons more green. If your kids like color, I suggest using food coloring.
Start with the hair conditioner, then add in the corn starch. At first I mixed it with the spoon and then kneaded it with my hands. If the dough is to dry add conditioner, if it’s to wet add corn starch. It’s a lot like making slime.

Glitter on Fluffy Cloud Dough

I added corn starch to mine because it was very wet. I highly recommend glitter because it looks so so pretty in the dough. It gives it a nice sparkle. Your kitchen will smell nice from the conditioner too. We had a nice strawberry kiwi smell going on so make sure you like the smell of the conditioner you buy. One time we made fake snow with coconut hair conditioner and the smell was overwhelming (I’m not a fan of coconut). That was rough for me.

Let’s Do Some Kids Sensory Play

Tray of Objects for Sensory Activity

I put together a tray for the kids of their favorite stuff to play in it.

Sensory Play

My daughter had her horses play in it and did cut outs with the cookies cutters. My son made fossils with his sea creatures and sea shells. What a great sensory activity. They played with it for over 2 hours, I was shocked.

Fossil Fun

The Fluffy Cloud Dough has an interesting texture and its really fun to manipulate. The dough seems like a mix between slime and play dough- its awesome! I’ll be adding these ingredients to my “moms bag of tricks.” It’s fun, easy and provided hours of play.

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