Head to the Dollar General and learn how to make a cheap farmhouse tray using your Cricut Maker

DIY Farmhouse Tray from the Dollar Store

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Have you been to the Dollar General lately? They have some nice farmhouse style items for your home. During the summer, we love to have picnics outside. I was looking for a tray to put napkins, plates, and food. Plus I wanted the tray to be decorative for the kitchen too. Let’s create a Farmhouse Tray for $5.

Metal Tray from the dollar store

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Supplies for the Farmhouse Metal Tray:

Cutting Mat Standard Grip
Cricut Maker
Cricut Tools Set
Transfer Paper w/ Grid
Cricut Design Space File
Black Oracal 651 Vinyl

 Farmhouse Style tray for the kitchen

Let’s Create a DIY Farmhouse Tray for the Kitchen

Supplies for Cricut Farmhouse Tray

-Upload the Cricut Design Space File into Cricut Design Space™. I found the “gather” SVG at We Can Make That, Love is from an SVG at Love SVG. Eat is written in Foxhole font. I love, love, love this handwritten font.
-Cut your design on Oracal 651 Black Vinyl. Please remember vinyl is not food safe, so do not put food directly on the tray. You can put food in packages or plates, napkins, but please don’t put food on it.

DIY Galvanized Farmhouse Serving Tray

-Weed your design using the Cricut Tools and peel off the excess vinyl

Weeding Design for Farmhouse Tray Idea

-Use the transfer paper to add your design to the tray
-Take your smoothing tool and press down all over the design, then carefully peel off the transfer tape

Decorating the DIY Dollar Store Tray

-Your beautiful farmhouse tray is ready for summer picnics and to be a statement piece in your home

DIY Farmhouse Tray for the Kitchen

We are still working hard on giving the kitchen a makeover and almost have our cabinets finished. Even though the kitchen won’t be finished for awhile, I’m working on all the “pretty farmhouse” decorations for when it is done. Here is my farmhouse sign for the kitchen gallery wall.

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