Family Summer Bucket List

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Every summer we do so many fun things, but we have realized we do the same fun things every year. Our summer fun is stuck in a rut. To get ready for summer, we created a Family Summer Bucket List. Our family Summer Bucket List is full of free ideas, at home ideas, and places to visit.

Summer Bucket List Ideas

1. Visit a historical site
2. Take a Day Trip
3. Have a Lemonade Stand
4. Goblies Throwable Paintballs
5. Visit a new playground
6. Go on a nature walk
7. Have a picnic
8. Water Gun Fight
9. Make S’Mores
10. Look at Constellations
11. Create a Garden
12. Go on a Dusk Walk to see Nocturnal Animals
13. Go the Library and participate in summer reading program
14. Go to a Craft Class at a local crafting store
15. Bubble Painting
16. Cloud Gazing and Cloud Drawing
17. Go to the Beach
18. Family Water Balloon Fight
19. Go Fishing
20. Grow and Release Butterflies
21. Make a Fairy Garden
22. Have a Pool Party
23. Amusement Park
24. Bake a new Recipe
25. Watch Fireworks

This list has many new ideas and a few of our favorites, like growing butterflies. That is probably my kids favorite summer activity. We are excited and looking forward to our new Bucket List!

Click on the link below to print and your Bucket list for the fridge or your family command center.

Family Summer Bucket List Printable

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