Fall Burlap Wreath

IF you follow my blog, you know I love all things burlap. I have a burlap wreath that had ribbon on it for spring, but I just never liked it and I’m going to reuse the wreath to make a fall burlap wreath. I went into the dollar store to buy sponges and I saw all the new fall items and I found amazing burlap sunflowers and leaves. It was perfect for this wreath project. Does anyone else go into the dollar store for one thing and come out with so much more? That’s me every time.

Wire Wreath
6- Burlap Sunflowers
6- Burlap Leaves
Floral Wire

This is the wreath I already had. I used the bubble method to make the wreath on the wire wreath frame. I turned the burlap inside out to hide the fading from where the old ribbon used to be on the side of the wreath that is only burlap.

I decided to put a sunflower with leaves behind it and repeated it around the wreath. I had to go back to the dollar store to buy more flowers and leaves once I decided on how I wanted it arranged.

I hung the wreath on the door as I placed the flowers and leaves around to make sure I liked the way it looked. Then I went back once I liked the design and started attaching all the flowers and leaves with the floral wire.

I had one extra leaf and sunflower when I was all done, but I wanted to add them to the wreath. I added the sunflower to the top and the leaves to the bottom of the wreath.

When I went back to the dollar store to get more flowers, I looked at the ribbon again (I love ribbon, it’s an addiction) and the plaid ribbon matched perfectly. I cut strips between 10-12 inches long and attached them around the wreath, I just put them randomly around the wreath. I love the way it turned it out. I’m so glad I had to go buy sponges today and found these amazing sunflowers and leaves.

This fall burlap wreath is going to look beautiful on my front door. I feel like this burlap wreath went from being an ugly duckling (the spring wreath) to a beautiful swan (the fall wreath). What a difference sunflowers, leaves and ribbon make. Happy Fall!

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