Halloween Fabric Wreath

Halloween Fabric Wreath

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Halloween is a fun time to decorate not only with pumpkins and ghost, but also with all the adorable Halloween fabric that is out there. I went to my parents house to borrow some tools and my mom was making Halloween skirts for her granddaughters and I saw all that cute fabric on the table and it gave me an idea. To create an adorable Halloween Fabric wreath. I took all of the scraps and I was able to make almost the whole wreath. I love a project that is free to create to, I had the wire wreath in my craft stash. Check your local dollar store for the 10 inch wire wreaths, whenever I see them I buy a couple. I did end up spending $2 for extra material at the end because I was short a few pieces.

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Fabric-Wreath-Materials to make a Halloween Wreath

Materials for the Halloween Fabric Wreath:

10 inch Wire wreath
Halloween Material

I cut about 6 inch strips and I found out that thinner strips work better then thicker strips. I just used regular scissors because my pinking shears just stick togehter every single time I cut (they are only a couple months old). If they worked I would of used them instead. Also you don’t have to worry about perfect straightness because once you tie the fabric on you won’t be able to tell.

Cutting the fabric strips to tie onto the Halloween Wreath

Plus I tried tying the fabric in a different way and I am liking how it looks.

To tie the fabric to the wreath:

  1. Fold the material in half
  2. Loop it on the wire wreath
  3. Tying on the fabric to wire wreath form
  4. Pull the tails into the lops and pull
Making the Halloween Fabric Wreath on Wire Frame

On the outside of the wreath, I chose to do all the white material with the witch hat because I had the most of it.


Then on the inner ring I did a pattern with the polka dot, orange bats, and the pink cat material because the fabric all went together so well. I love how bright and colorful the wreath is.

Adding fabric to the Halloween Wreath

Then on the two inner rings, I just did random material of the leftover fabric from my mom and the fabric I bought to finish the wreath.

Halloween Fabric Wreath almost finished with a variety of Halloween Fabric

This Halloween Fabric Wreath is so colorful and cute. I love the colors and patterns that pop out of this wreath.

DIY Halloween Fabric Wreath

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