Easy Popsicle Craft for Kids

Easy Washi Tape Popsicle Craft for Kids

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Every time I create with washi tape, my kids are always trying to steal my washi tape. It makes me so happy that they love to craft and create, but sometimes I just need to concentrate and finish my project first. So I knew I had to get some washi tape just for the kids. Did you know the Dollar Tree has washi tape? It’s perfect for the kids. Four small rolls come in a package for a $1. The kids had a great time creating this easy washi tape popsicle craft.

Let’s Create an Easy Popsicle Craft for Kids

Popsicle Craft for Kids Supplies

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Supplies for Kids Craft

2 Packages of Dollar Tree Washi Tape
Popsicle Shape
Craft Sticks

Using my Cricut Maker, I cut out the popsicle shapes on card stock, but if you don’t have a Cricut, you can draw it, trace a popsicle from the freezer, or print a popsicle and trace and cut.

 popsicle template for craft

This popsicle craft is great practice for using fine motor skills with undoing the tape and cutting the washi tape.

Decorating Popsicle with Washi tape

Now it’s time to create! I just let the kids go wild with the washi tape. You can cut the washi tape at the edge of the popsicle or fold it over.

Easy Popsicle Craft with Washi Tape

When your completely done decorating the popsicle, use the glue stick to the glue the craft stick (popsicle stick) onto the back of the popsicle.

Add craft stick to Popsicle

My kids are so happy to have their own washi tape. I’ll be buying more every time I go to the Dollar Tree, I’m hoping they get in some seasonal/holiday washi tape.

Here is my pumpkin’s popsicle craft:

Kids Popsicle Craft with Washi Tape

This is my monkey’s popsicle craft and he thought to decorate the stick- so creative!

Kids Popsicle Craft

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