Easy Dollar Tree Easter egg Centerpiece

Easy Dollar Store Easter Centerpiece

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I feel like Easter is sneaking up on me and it’s one of the holidays, I don’t have as many decorations as I would like. It’s time to change that with this easy Dollar Store Easter Centerpiece. This Easter centerpiece is perfect for the Easter table or any place you like to put Easter decorations.

My son actually saw something like this in a magazine and I said “Oh I can make that.” Why buy it, when you can make it! He really enjoys decorating his room for different holidays and seasons. Now I have to make another one so I can have one too. 

Easy Dollar Tree Easter egg Centerpiece

The whole project takes less than 30 minutes to make and is super easy. If you can use a hot glue gun, then you can make this. I highly recommend having the **Hot glue finger caps for this project because the hot glue goes right through the burlap. These really saved my finger tips. 

I did end up doing this over because I started the project with wireless burlap ribbon and that doesn’t work. So please make sure you have burlap wired ribbon. You can get this ribbon at the Dollar Tree, but when I went they were out of it. I bought a roll of wired burlap at Hobby Lobby for $5 (on sale) with 30 feet of ribbon and I have a little left over. That’s probably the best deal for this Easter craft. 

Dollar Store Supplies for Easter egg Centerpiece

Supplies for Easy Easter Egg Topiary 

Wired Burlap Ribbon (similar to this one)
Metal Bucket Vase
2 Foam Pieces
Plunger (from the Dollar Store for the dowel) 
Washi Tape 
Decorative Easter Eggs
Cordless Glue Gun– It’s amazing!!!
Glue Sticks
Foam Soccer Ball (from the Dollar Tree) 

Let’s Create a Dollar Store Easter Egg Centerpiece 

Push the dowel into the soccer ball and wrap the dowel in washi tape

The first step is to drill a hole in the bottom of the soccer ball to insert the dowel (from the plunger) into it. I wanted the dowel a little shorter, so I cut about 3 inches off of it. 

Wrap the dowel in washi tape

Next I wrapped the dowel in pink polka dot washi tape. I wasn’t planning on doing this, but when I took the price tag off of the plunger, the wood was awful underneath it. I didn’t want anyone to get a sliver and it didn’t look good. 

Cut the burlap ribbon 6 inches for the dollar store easter decoration

Cut the burlap ribbon 6 inches. I did about 10 strips at a time and glued them to the soccer ball and kept going. This way I wouldn’t end up with extra cut ribbon. 

Start hot glueing the burlap ribbon to the soccer ball

Start on the bottom of the ball and glue the burlap strips in half. Then glue the burlap onto the ball.

Keep glueing the burlap ribbon all around the dollar store easter craft

Just keep doing this until the ball is covered with the strips. Warning- this uses a lot of hot glue sticks. 

Push the dowel into the foam for the Easter Table Centerpiece

Once the ball is covered, hot glue both pieces of the green floral foam into the metal bucket. Then push the egg centerpiece into the floral foam. When I made my sunflower ball topiary, it needed more support so this time I used two foam floral pieces. 

Go around the Easter decoration and fluff the burlap ribbon. 

Top of Easter egg centerpiece from the dollar store

Now it’s time to add the eggs to the Easter centerpiece. I just randomly hot glued the eggs around the topiary.

Randomly glue the Easter eggs around the centerpiece for the Easter Table

It was super easy and it looks adorable. 

Filling the bottom of the easy dollar store Easter egg centerpiece with burlap ribbon

I don’t like to waste craft supplies so I took the burlap (the wireless stuff) that I had to remove and put it around the floral foam in the bucket. Then I took other burlap pieces and glued them around the top of the floral foam. 

Easy Dollar Store Easter Centerpiece

For added Easter egg decor, I added two eggs on the bottom. How adorable is this Easter decoration.

Easy Easter Decorating Idea from the Dollar Tree


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