How to Make a DIY Weekly Chalkboard Calendar

DIY Weekly Chalkboard Calendar

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In my email from Hobby Lobby I saw the monthly chalkboard calendar and I fell in love. It was so pretty and I’m a total calendar nerd. Calendars, markers, pens I love colorful organization. Even though I loved the Hobby Lobby chalkboard, it had 2 issues. First it was to expensive and it was to big for the space that I had. My husband right away said “let’s make one.” Here is our story of how to make a DIY Weekly Chalkboard Calendar (it’s a super Easy DIY Project). The original plan was to create a monthly calendar, but one day I forgot something important. I realized I needed something more specific. A Weekly Chalkboard Calendar highlighting the important events for the week was just what I needed, it goes perfect in our family command center.

Thrift Store Picture Frame into a Chalkboard

The Rules:

  • Upcycle an item(s) from a thrift store, resale store, or garage sale into a new piece of decor.
  • There’s no monthly theme.
  • There’s no budget to stick to.

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Supplies for DIY Weekly Chalkboard in Family Command Center

Thrift Store Wood Frame
Plywood 1/4 inch
Black Chalkboard Paint
Wood Glue
White Vinyl
Wood Putty
Chalkboard Markers

Let’s Learn How to Make a DIY Weekly Chalkboard Calendar for your Home

Picture Frame to Make Weekly Chalkboard Calendar

To get started I went to the thrift store and found a frame. It was a plain wooden frame that had some canvas left on the edges. Using a 5-in-1 Tool I took out all the staples and removed the canvas.

Getting frame ready for DIY Weekly Chalkboard Project

Then it needed some love with wood putty in the corners and to cover the name on the wood frame.

After some putty and sanding it was time to paint the frame. I painted the frame white. Please take my advice and paint the frame and the chalkboard separately. For the chalkboard, I used a thin piece of plywood from our scrap wood and cut it slightly larger then the frame to leave space to glue the wood and to nail it in. Paint the plywood with chalkboard paint (it usually takes 2 coats) and then follow the directions to season the chalkboard for use. Glue the chalkboard to the frame using wood glue and my husband put in a few nails with the nail gun.

Black Chalkboard Paint for the Chalkboard

At the top of the weekly calendar I added “The Sparmo Weekly” in permanent vinyl.

Adding Vinyl to our Family Weekly Planner

I found these colorful chalkboard markers at Target and took out my calendar book.

Chalkboard Markers to write our family's weekly plan

It was fun writing on the chalkboard and I love the colorful markers. I’m glad I made the weekly calendar because it helps me focus on the weekly plan and helps me organize what needs to be done. I had a plan of exactly where to put it in the kitchen with the wall organizer my husband built, but the studs in the wall are not going to let that happen. The wall organizer is heavy so we will be figuring out a new plan.

How to Make a DIY Weekly Chalkboard Calendar

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