NFL Buffalo Bills Porch Sign

DIY Sports Team Porch Sign How To

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My dad is a huge Buffalo Bills fan! He says he likes football, but in reality he loves football and the Bills. Someday the Bills will win a super bowl, we all have hope and “Billieve.”  My mom told me he would love a Buffalo Bills porch sign for his birthday and I thought that was a great idea. So I got to work on creating one and decided to share this fun tutorial so you can have one too. Or make one as a birthday or Christmas gift for the sports fan in your life. Now this DIY Sports Team Porch sign will work for any NFL team (or other sports teams) just choose the teams main colors. 

DIY Sports Team Porch Sign How To

I used a random board we had leftover from another project because it was perfect for a porch sign. It’s a 1×12 that is 54.5 inches long. I’ve used all sorts of sized boards for my porch signs so use whatever you like or have. My Christmas Porch Sign is on a skinnier board and my  Fall Porch Sign (that’s reversible for Halloween) is a wider board. My Spring Porch Sign with the Cricut Joy is made on a 6 foot 1×8. As you can see I’m all over the place on sizes because I use whatever we have normally, but they all look great no matter the size. 

How To Make a DIY Sports Team Porch Sign

#1 Paint the Sports Team Wooden Sign

Painting the DIY sports team porch sign

Decide on the main team colors you will be using and the size of the strips you want of each color. The blue strips are 3 inches, the white strips are .75 inches, and the red strip is 3.75 inches. Start with the outside colors first and then work your way into the middle. For me I did both blue sides, then I painted the center white and then I did the red in the middle. 

Last step of painting is to paint the center strip

Looking back, I wish I had painted the whole board white or with white primer before painting because I would have used less craft paint. I did get smart in the center and painted the whole center white. Then I taped off the white strips and painted the center of the board red for the final color.  Sorry for the slightly dark picture, but I was trying to find a place to take a picture of just the sign and this was the best I could do. I was planning on doing it outside, but the weather isn’t cooperating. 

Painted Buffalo Bills football diy team porch sign

This football outside decor is super easy to make and only has a few steps, but the painting of it takes awhile. Since I’m using painters tape I gave the sign 24 hours before adding more painters tape to it because I really wanted the paint to cure. I’ve had to fix paint before when it’s peeled and it was awful. I don’t recommend that at all. 

Painting Tips for DIY Sports Team Porch Sign

Painting tips for the DIY Sports Team Porch Sign

  •  Use Frog Painters Tape and press down firmly once it’s in place 
  • Try to use one long strip of the painters tape 
  • For paint and brushes, I highly recommend to always use Plaid Crafts paints and brushes  
  • A square comes in handy for measuring and for straight lines
  • On each section of the board, start painting in the center and move towards the taped edge 
  • Use very little paint at the tapes edge for a nice smooth line 
  • Every 20 minutes you can add another coat of craft paint 
  • The Bright Red and the Cobalt Blue looks about 5 coats each 
  • Let cure 24 hours (just to be safe) before adding the painters tape again 
  • When the sign is completely painted do any touch ups (before adding the design) 

#2 Adding the Saying to the Porch Sign with Cricut 

Every saying will be different based on your team or sport, but one simple sports sign idea is to write “ Go Team Name.” That’s what I will be putting on the sign with the Bills symbol. 

The letters are going to be white and placed on the red strip. Whether you do painting, stenciling or vinyl make sure the paint is completely dry. Transfer Tape will also pull up paint too. 

How To Make a Cricut Sports Sign

In Cricut Design Space™ start with a new file and adding a rectangle the size of your sign or the size of the strip you will be putting the lettering on. For me I’ll be making my sign the size of the red strip because that is what I want my letters sized for. For my sign I divided the sign in half ( in Design Space) so I could see the whole sign as I was designing it. 

Creating the red rectangles in Cricut Design Space to make the saying for the wood sign

To add the letter, create each letter individually using text with uppercase letters. 

Click the lock in the left corner to adjust the size of the letter to fit on the sign and choose a font. For my sports team sign, I chose varsity as the font and hid the outline layer and used the full letter. 

Press the lock to change the font size for the sports team sign

Add all the letters and than size them to the sign.

The last step is to add the team symbol. I wanted the Buffalo Bills symbol to go across the entire team porch sign so I made it 10 inches wide. Now the Bills logo will have all the team colors in them. 

Making a Cricut Sports Team Sign in Design Space

Hit Make it and the material you want to use for your sign. You could use stencil vinyl to stencil or permanent vinyl which is what I’ll be using. 

Cricut Maker cutting vinyl for the nfl sports team sign

Weed the design using the Cricut weeding tool and remove all the extra vinyl you don’t need. 

Layout the vinyl to space the letters on the porch sign

I like to lay out the pieces on the sign and tape them down using painters tape to get the layout. When I like the layout, I add the vinyl using transfer tape one letter at a time from the top to the bottom. 

Add vinyl letters to the team sports porch sign

DIY Football Porch Sign 

Are you ready to make one for your home or the sports fan in your life? It’s a perfect birthday, Christmas or Father’s Day gift. 

NFL Buffalo Bills Porch Sign

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