My kids are little bookworms and love to read. Many times as gifts they recieve hard cover books and never keep the book jackets on, so I used them as reading nook decor for their rooms. This is an easy, cheap and simple way to decorate a child's room. #HomeDecor #ReadingNook #DIY #DollarStore #Kids #Books #ChildrensBooks #Reading #KidsDecor #Decorate

DIY Kids Reading Nook Decor

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This brilliant idea came from cleaning my children’s closet when I came across two book jackets, the paper covers from hard cover books. Yes I just take these book jackets off because my children will not leave them on the books. I’m sure other moms and teachers out there know what I am talking about and have experienced this. So I was about to throw the book jackets out when I thought, how can I reuse these, the pictures are amazing and they happen to be two of my son’s favorite books. Using the book jackets I created an easy DIY Kids Reading Nook Decor using the book jackets and dollar store frames.

When my son was younger I had created a Reading Nook for him and I had printed book covers for him of his favorite books, but since he just turned 4, he had informed me those were baby books on his wall. The book jackets look a million times better then printed book covers, the book jackets are shinier and brighter. The light bulb came on and I thought use the book jackets for his reading nook, I just needed bigger frames (the old frames were 5×7, this needs 8×10).

To create this adorable decor, buy 8×10 frames at the Dollar Store and cut the book jackets to the size of your frame. Just place the 8×10 frame paper over the part of the book jacket you would like in the frame. Also if you would prefer painted frames to match the book jackets, just take apart the frame (remove the glass) and paint the frame using craft paint the color you would like. It will take a couple coats of paint.

Place them in your frame and put them on a shelf or hang them on the wall.

Now you have an amazing Reading Nook with brilliant pictures of your child’s favorite books for as little as $1 a frame. Yes hardcover books are more expensive, but this will give you a decoration and a book to treasure.

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