DIY Post It Note Holder

I consider post its a life saver, anyone else with me on that? I have a horrible memory (I’ve always had one) and post its help me out all the time. So I thought of a cute way to display my post its and always be able to find them. While writing this post I thought of Romy & Michelle’s High School Reunion when she said she invented post its, but I just invented this cute post it holder.

Scrapbook Paper
6×4 or 5×7 Clear Plastic Frame
Post Its
Double Sided Tape
Cricut Explore

Supplies are really simple and you can buy most of these at the dollar store. Scrapbook paper can be bought at the local craft store by single sheets. I noticed as I was making the 5×7 frame that the bottom of the frame has a crack in it, so I will have to get a new one. Remember to double check the frames to make sure they look good. Honestly I was so happy the dollar store had them, I just grabbed them.

Step 1:
Cut the rectangle the size of your frame. I did this using my Cricut Explore, but you can just cut and trace the rectangle. Then slide the rectangle into the frame.

Step 2:
Put 3 strips of double sided tape on the back of the post its and attach the post its to the frame. For the 6×4 frame I aligned them to the right side and for the 5×7 frame I aligned the post its in the center towards the bottom of the frame.

Step 3:
Using my Cricut Explore, I cut the word “Notes” in vinyl and attached it to the frame using transfer tape. If you don’t have a Cricut cute letter stickers would work great to. The font for Notes is Hopeless Romantic, I am hopelessly in love with this font. I had to ungroup the letters and attach the letters in design space for the word- Notes.

Your Post Its Note Holder is complete! The fun thing is you can change the paper for the season or holiday or change it whenever the mood strikes. I would just use a basic color in vinyl or stickers (like white or black) so it will match the different paper. Also you can add washi tape, buttons, or ribbon to your note holder. Don’t forget Post Its come in many fun colors to.

This would make a wonderful gift for so many, it would be hard to name everyone this gift would be perfect for. I think I am going to make this for my son’s teachers first day of school gift.


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