Dollar Tree Sunflower Wreath

DIY Dollar Tree Sunflower Wreath for $7

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Are you ready for a sunflower wreath that is made with all supplies from The Dollar Tree and only cost $7 to make? Here is a step by step crafts DIY so your door decor can be bright, sunny and positive. Not only inexpensive, but you can make this sunflower wreath in 15 minutes for late summer and fall wreath ideas.

I love making wreaths. It’s actually the first DIY I did, when I started to DIY when we bough our home. We honestly just didn’t have a lot of extra money for door decor and we had many doors to decorate. Now we have plenty of wreaths and then some. My kids will tell you, we have wreaths for everything- my mom loves wreaths. It’s the truth. Here is another easy sunflower wreath I made.

Easy DIY Sunflower Wreath for fall from the Dollar Store

If you are wondering “How do you make a sunflower wreath?” I have the answer here for you. This is an easy DIY that anyone can do with a hot glue gun and a few dollar store supplies.

I think everyone should have a beautiful front door wreath and I want to show you how to make one for $7 with all Dollar Tree supplies. When you done this wreath will look like an expensive wreath and no one will know it’s from the Dollar Tree.

Dollar Tree Wreath Supplies for an easy flower wreath

Materials for Dollar Tree DIY Wreath

2 Rolls of Black and White Buffalo Check Ribbon
Metal Wire Wreath
2 Sunflower Bunches
2 Lavender Bunches
Hot Glue Gun/Sticks

Let’s Create a DIY Dollar Tree Sunflower Wreath for $7

Step 1: Wrap the wire wreath with the buffalo check ribbon

The wreath will take almost 2 rolls of ribbon. Wrap the wreath with the first roll of ribbon and hot glue the end to the wire wreath and ribbon.

Wrapping the wire ribbon around the wreath form

Step 2: Add on the lavender and sunflower to the flower wreath

With the wreath open at the top, slide in the lavender under the ribbon. Slide 3 pieces of lavender in the front of the ribbon and 3 pieces in the back of the ribbon. Just pull the lavender forward because you will be adding ribbon behind it.

Adding the Dollar Tree florals to the buffalo check sunflower wreath

This is one way to save a $1. You truly only need one lavender bunch, but at my Dollar Tree I couldn’t find one good bunch with 6 good looking lavender pieces so I had to buy 2 bunches. If you can find one good bunch, that’s all you need.

Glueing on the sunflowers to the Dollar Tree Wreath

Remove the sunflowers from the stems and hot glue the sunflowers next to each other all the way down the side of the wreath.

Step 3: Make a simple bow with the ribbon

The bow is the same color as the ribbon of the floral wreath so I added on the bow so It overlapped the sunflowers. I just used hot glue to add on the ribbon.

Simple bow on the dollar tree sunflower wreath door decor

Step 4: Add the rest of the ribbon to the wreath

To finish the wreath, finish wrapping it with the ribbon. When you get to the lavender sticking out, make sure the lavender is pulled forward and wrap the ribbon behind it. Make sure you hot glue the ribbon in place behind the lavender because you don’t want the wire wreath showing on your DIY wreath.

Finishing the easy dollar tree craft wreath

Now you know how easy it is to make a Dollar tree Wreath. With this wreath is perfect for fall and is a pretty flower wreath that you can change for different seasons. Just use different ribbon and florals.

Dollar Tree Sunflower Wreath

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