Create an easy no sew cowgirl birthday bunting. Follow this how to with a few supplies and create this simple. fun party decoration. This is great for a party on a budget! #onabudget #party #birthdayparty #cowgirl #bunting #nosew

DIY Cowgirl Birthday No Sew Bunting (Easy DIY)

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I’m so excited to be creating a cowgirl birthday party for my daughter’s 2nd Birthday! Her favorite show is Sheriff Callie’s Wild West on Disney Junior so we decided to make her a Sheriff Callie inspired cowgirl birthday party. For the party I thought a cute DIY Cowgirl Birthday No Sew Bunting would look so cute as a birthday decoration. It’s such an easy DIY with a few supplies. If you can cut with scissors, you can make this!

It’s so adorable when my daughter drags the rocking horse into the living room to sit on and watch the show. I love paisley, bandana print, and anything with a cowboy/cowgirl theme so it’s a dream come true to be able to create this cowgirl themed birthday party. For her party I made a birthday board, wreath, and a cowgirl themed photo booth.

For my son’s Mickey and the Roadster Racers Birthday Party , I made a fabric garland. Fabric adds a nice touch to birthday decorations. When I found the pink banana print at Walmart, it was fate to make a fabric pennant banner for my daughters birthday. It goes perfectly with the cowgirl theme.

I spent $2 on the bandana fabric and I had the ribbon, the pinking shears and the hot glue gun/glue.

Supplies for Easy DIY Fabric Bunting Flags

Pennant Pattern to Trace
2 Pink Bandana Fabric Squares (I found mine at Walmart)
Pinking Shears
Raffia Ribbon
Hot Glue Gun

Let’s Create a Cowgirl No Sew Birthday Bunting

I used my Cricut Explore to cut out the pennant pattern to trace because I am not good at free hand cutting. If you don’t have a Cricut Explore just use a ruler to create a triangle pennant shape or print one and trace.

Next I traced and cut the pennants out of the fabric and put little lines in the circle holes so I knew where to cut to make slits to hang the banner. To cut the pennants, I used my pinking shears so the fabric bunting flags had a nice edge and wouldn’t unravel.

I strung the banner and hung it up to see how it looked and taped the pennants in place to the ribbon. Tape the pennants to the ribbon to make sure you have enough pennants and to space them as you want on the banner.

Hot glue the fabric pennant triangles to the ribbon and the corners of the pennants so it hangs nicely.

Then I cut strips of the bandana fabric that were left and made bows to add to the garland because everything is better with bows. Then I glued the bows between the pennants.

Your cowgirl birthday bunting is all ready for your party. My garland is about 5 feet long for the space that I needed and I have extra fabric, so remember to buy enough fabric depending on the space your using it for. More cowgirl birthday party ideas will be coming as I create a cute cowgirl party for my little cowgirl.

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