Cute & Easy Snowman Christmas Cupcakes

Cute Snowman Christmas Cupcakes for Kids

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One of the joys of Christmas to me is baking! It’s something I did with my mom and my munchkins love baking with me. I was inspired to create a Christmas cupcake that the kids could help decorate to. Don’t get me wrong, I love beautiful amazing cupcakes, but where’s the fun in it for the kids? Celebrate the magic and fun of Christmas baking with these Cute Snowman Christmas Cupcakes.

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It’s Day 11 and we have been in the kitchen making something sweet to share!

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Let’s Bake Cupcakes

Choose any flavor of cake mix (or make it homemade) and make cupcakes. My kids love the Christmas funfetti cake mix so I’ll be using this. They love anything with sprinkles. To make sure the cupcakes are all even use a 1/4 measuring cup for the batter.

My inspiration for this Christmas sweet treat came while I was looking at the Christmas tree. This snowman ornament was my inspiration for this cupcake.

So I sat and thought of how I could take treats my munchkins love and create this as a cupcake. The first thing I thought of was M & M’s. Peanut M & M’s would be perfect for the “earmuffs”, and mini M & M’s for the eyes, nose and mouth. My son insist that it needs marshmallows so I have a feeling, his will have marshmallows.

Easy Cute Christmas Cupcake Supplies

White Frosting
Green and Red M & M’s
Orange and Brown Mini M & M’s
Green Food Coloring
Red Food Coloring
Piping Bag
Star Tip

Let’s Decorate these Cute Snowman Christmas Cupcakes

Step 1

Let the cupcakes cool completely, then frost with white frosting. On some cupcakes I added white sparkle and some I did just plain frosting.

Step 2

Place the peanut M & M’s as the earmuffs half way down the cupcake (we will come back to this later). I felt after a couple the peanut M & M’s were to big and switched to regular M & M’s.

>h3>Step 3

Add the face using the mini M & M’s. I tried using 3 mini M & M’s to make a carrot nose, but I didn’t like it so I stuck with just one.

Step 4

Create some red and green frosting to create the band for the earmuffs. I even did one that I created the earmuffs with the star tip.

Aren’t these super cute and easy? The kids had a fantastic time creating the cupcakes and Christmas memories. My kids love the show Nailed It on Netflix and this was a total episode of that. Neither of them (3 and 5 years old) made anything like my snowman. It was hilarious and they both said “Nailed It.” I couldn’t find my phone to take a picture and asked them not to eat it, but you know how kids are they started eating it. I wish I could have gotten a picture because you would of had a good laugh, Then they moved on to something else.

I chose to use red and green for Christmas, but using regular M & M’s would be cute and colorful too for winter!


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