DIY Dollar Tree Easter egg Door Hanger for decoration

Cute & Colorful Easter Egg Door Hanger

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Going to the Dollar Tree for craft supplies is a favorite habit of mine. Today I am going to share how I turned a tinsel Easter egg decoration into a cute and colorful Easter Egg Decoration with ribbon all from the Dollar Tree. Remember the Dollar Tree for Easter Crafts, Supplies, and More! The Easter and spring ribbon is so pretty, I am in love with the colors. The plaid ribbon had to come home with me and I made this mini Easter Egg wreath with it, along with some pretty pastel eggs.

I am really happy to work with our sponsor, Dollar Tree today to share this project with Dollar Tree Easter Supplies. Below are some affiliate links and I may make a commission for purchases made through the following links.

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Supplies for Dollar Tree Easter Decoration

Tinsel Egg
Floral Garden Pastel Scalloped Edge Ribbon
Pink Grosgrain Ribbon
Scissors/Pinking Shears

Let’s Create a Cute & Colorful Easter Egg Decoration

Tinsel Egg from the Dollar Tree
To get started I made lines with a Sharpie on the back of the egg where the colors were already divided.

Marking where the colors are divided for the DIY Dollar Tree Easter Decoration

Then I unraveled the tinsel off of the egg. It unwraps really nicely and I will keep the tinsel in my craft stash for another project.

Now you have a perfect egg shape to decorate.

Egg shaped wreath form to make a DIY Easter egg Decoration from the dollar tree

You need 2 rolls of the pink grosgrain ribbon and 3 rolls of each color of the floral garden scalloped ribbon.

Ribbon from Dollar Tree for the Easter egg Door Hanger, a fun Easter Craft

The next step is to cut all your ribbon anywhere between 4-5 inches. Cut a sample piece and tie it on and see how you like the look of it.

Cutting the Ribbon for the dollar tree egg shaped wreath for an Easter decoration

Then start tying on the ribbon in the color order you would like.

Egg Shaped Dollar Tree Easter Decoration

When I finished tying on all the ribbon, I took the pinking shears and cut all the ribbon on the outside of the egg and some throughout the egg.

Using pinking shears to make nice edges on the ribbon for the egg shaped wreath

I am really excited to hang up my cute & colorful Easter Egg decoration. The colors just make me smile and think of spring and I love ribbon. I think this would also look very pretty on a table or bookcase also.

DIY Dollar Tree Easter egg Door Hanger for decoration

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