7 Cricut Essentials You Must Have

7 Cricut Essentials You Must Have

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In the years I have been using the Cricut, I have loved all the changes and growing the company has done for machines and accessories. It amazes me all the time what the Cricut can do and all the projects I can create. All of the new accessories, tools, and supplies can be overwhelming. Unless you are a millionaire, it can be tough to afford all of it. These 7 Cricut Essentials You Must Have will help you create brilliant projects and will make your craft life easier. When I win the lottery, I plan on having a Cricut Craft Room filled with everything and more, but until then I’m going to share what your can’t live without.

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7 Cricut Essentials to Make Creating Easier

Cricut Essential: Mats

Cricut has a variety of mats and it’s a good idea to have one of each or more because they do lose their stickiness. Personally I just buy a new mat when its no longer sticky. Certain materials require certain mats, fabric grip for fabric or like adhesive foil requires the strong grip mat. Using the right mat will help your project go smoothly. The mats are the Cricut StandardGrip Mat, Cricut Light Grip Mat, Strong Grip Mat, Fabric Grip Mat , and the Cutting Mat Variety Pack.

Cricut Mats

Cricut Essential: Brayer

This is a must have! I am so impressed with how well the Brayer works. I did all my daughters birthday decorations in half the time because I didn’t have to fight with the paper or get out a new mat- I just used the brayer. It works great for paper, vinyl and fabric. This also allows you to use your mats longer before you have to buy new ones.

Cricut Brayer

Cricut Essential: Basic Tool Set

The Basic Tool Set is great to start with. It has all the essentials you will need for weeding, applying vinyl, and general crafts. I use that pair of scissors all the time. To keep these basic tools stored and organized, I have found a great storage idea for your.

Basic Tool Set

Cricut Essential: BrightPad

Creating signs and using vinyl is one of my favorite things, but I dislike weeding. I have found the Cricut Bright Pad to be very helpful when weeding and providing more light. Glitter vinyl and iron on are still tricky (even with the bright pad), but it’s totally worth it.

Brightpad for weeding

Cricut Essential: EasyPress Mat

If you bought the Cricut Easypress to make shirts, bags and so much more, then you are going to want the EasyPress Mat. The mat makes using the EasyPress a lot easier and makes applying the iron on easier. It was a game changer!

EasyPress Mat

Cricut Essential: Blades

Depending on the type of Cricut you have, there will be different blades. The Cricut Maker has more blades than the other Cricut machine. To take advantage of all the things a Cricut Maker can cut, you will want the different blades. I just made a fabric banner with the rotary blade. Some of the blades are Cricut Knife Blade + Drive Housing, Cricut Blade, Premium Fine Point Blade Plus Housing, Cricut Provo Deep Cut 2pc Blade/Housing .

Rotary Blade in Cricut Maker

Cricut Essential: Pens

The other great feature of the Cricut is the writing/drawing feature in Cricut Design Space. For this you will want a variety of pens to use for these projects. The pens come in a variety of colors and last awhile. If you need ideas or are unsure how to use it, here are step by step instructions to use the Cricut Pens. The Cricut Ultimate Fine Point Pen Set comes with so many colors and is a great deal.

Cricut Pens

These 7 Cricut Essentials will be accessories that will help you create, craft, and inspire!

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