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Cricut Joy Gift Essentials

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Christmas shopping is stressful, but it’s even more stressful if you have no idea what you are looking for.  If you know someone who is wishing for a Cricut Joy or Cricut Joy materials you are in the right place. I’ve been crafting and creating with my Cricut for years and the new Cricut Joy is my favorite machine to use right now.  This is the ultimate  Cricut Joy Gift Essentials Guide that you can use to complete your Christmas or birthday shopping today. 

On my Christmas wish list, I’ll be asking for the glitter pens, patterned iron on and some adhesive paper. A Cricut crafter would love all of these Cricut Joy essentials to create with. When choosing the paper, vinyl, patterned iron on, or infusible ink just think of the person’s favorite colors or styles to choose. Honestly I love getting black and white vinyl, pens or label paper because I use it all the time. 

At the end I share some stocking stuffer ideas that all crafty Cricuters need and use all the time. Plus I add in a bonus that matches the Cricut Joy perfectly! 

Cricut Joy Gift Essentials for a Cricut Crafter

Cricut Joy



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Metallic MarkersJoy™ Metallic Markers, 1.0 mm (3 ct)

 Glitter Gel Pens

Search results forjoy glitter gel pens' | Search results for: 'cricut joy glitter gel pens'Smart Vinyl Permanent or Removable

Search results forjoy' | Vinyl | Search results for: 'cricut joy'

Smart Label Writable Vinyl

Joy™ Smart Label™ Writable Vinyl

Smart Label Writable Paper

Joy™ Smart Label™ Writable Paper

Adhesive Paper

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 Insert Cards

Joy™ Insert Cards, Rainbow Scales Sampler

Card MatJoy™ Card Mat, 4.5

Infusible Ink Pens

Search results forjoy infusible ink pens' | Search results for: 'cricut joy infusible ink pens'Tool Set

Starter Tool Set

Smart Iron On Patterned

Search results forjoy patterned iron on' | Search results for: 'cricut joy patterned iron on'

Infusible Ink Transfer SheetsSearch results forjoy infusible ink transfer sheets'

Did you find something for the Cricut crafter in your life? As an added bonus, I recommend the Cricut EasyPress Mini because it’s the perfect size for projects with the Cricut Joy, the infusible ink and the patterned iron on. It would make a wonderful gift too. 

Extras of the Basic Cricut Joy Gift Essentials that will make Excellent Stocking Stuffers:

Cricut Joy Transfer Tape

LightGrip Mat 4.5×12

Standard GripMat 4.5×6.5

Standard GripMat 4.5×12

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