Cozy and Cute Winter Wreaths for your Home

Cozy and Cute Winter Wreaths for your Home

January is here now and a new year is upon us. It's time for Christmas to go away until next year, but why not celebrate snowman, snowflakes, and winter. I love Christmas and everything the season brings, but I also like organizing my home and putting Christmas away. I was a little sad though when the village picked up our beautiful tree and put it through the tree chipper (not sure if thats what its called), but we will have another beautiful tree next year!

To celebrate the season of winter, I have been looking for some new wreaths to make as decorations, plus my husband doesn't like wooden decorations that make a lot of noise on the doors (he leaves super early for the gym & tries not to wake anyone). I always put wreaths on the doors because the banging of the wood on the doors makes our Pomeranians bark like crazy.

I had to look through many wreaths because many winter wreaths also had Christmas decor on them to. Here are some of my favorites I found.

Cozy Plaid Wreaths- Flannel makes me think of being warm and cozy in the winter and I think these wreaths are perfect. Plus flannel comes in so many colors, this wreath has endlesss possibilities for colors and design. It also would be a fairly easy and inexpensive wreath to make because you could always buy a flannel shirt at a second hand store.

Burlap Wreaths- I love burlap wreaths, well actually anything burlap. Burlap goes with any season. I also love that the Dollar Tree has the medium size green metal wreath frame to make burlap wreaths with. Here are some of my favorite winter burlap wreaths, it was hard to choose. All of the burlap wreaths were for sale (these wreaths are no longer available) on Etsy so I will include a link for a tutorial on how to make a burlap wreath and from the picture you can add the decor to make it like the wreath from Etsy. I'm sure Etsy has tons of burlap wreaths to buy if you would like.

DallyUp Boutique on Etsy

ChloesCraftCloset on Etsy

Blue Mountain Burlap on Etsy

Here is the link on how to make a burlap wreath- This is the tutorial I used when I began learning how to make them. Sometimes I go back and read it again just to refresh my brain. I will definitely read it again because its been awhile since I made one. If this tutorial is not helpful, there is so many on Pinterest and youtube.

Yarn Wreath- this wreath is beautiful in the soft pink and the snowflakes. I tried to make a yarn wreath once and I didn't have any luck however this wreath makes me want to try again. This wreath would also be beautiful in a turquoise or light blue with snowflakes, actually any color with snowflakes would work.

Grapevine Wreaths- I love these wreaths to. I love how you can add berries or pinecones or flowers and of course the amazing bow.

This is my grapevine wreath that I made a few years ago for my front door. I keep it on for December and January because its so pretty and I love the berries and pinecone combination. Plus it has the burlap bow and a jingle bell. It's rustic and beautiful.

I hope these wreaths have inspired you to embrace the season of winter and on those cold snowy days when you don't want to venture out, craft inside instead. Just make sure you already have your supplies. I know I love winter because the majority of the time I am inside and I love doing my crafting with a hot cup of coffee on a snowy day. Happy Wreath Making!

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