Welcome guest to the cowgirl birthday party with this fun cowgirl birthday party board! Learn how to create this for your child as a keepsake. #CricutMade #Vinyl #PolkaDots #Cowgirl #BirthdayParty #BirthdayBoard #BirthdayDecorations #Pink #Kids #DIY

Cowgirl Birthday Board

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Every birthday needs a birthday board! It’s one of my favorite things I make. I love capturing your child’s favorites and putting them on a memory board.

This board is different then any birthday board I have ever created, I used one of my favorite crafting supplies- ribbon! I fell in love with this bandana print ribbon as soon as I saw it and knew it would be perfect for my daughters cowgirl party. (link for ribbon)

Plus I went shopping for light pink vinyl and I couldn’t find any, which moved my creative thinking in a different direction. Personally I am so glad I didn’t find any pink vinyl, just like Garth Brooks says “some of God’s greatest gifts are unanswered prayers.” As I was listening to Garth creating this, that line just hit me, like “wow so true.”

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Supplies for this Cute & Country Birthday Board:

Elmer’s Foam Board Multi-Pack, Black, 16×20 Inch, Pack of 3 (this is an amazing deal)
Polka Dot Paper (I only found this at Joanns)
White Vinyl
Transfer Paper
Hot Glue Gun
Fine Tip Glue Pen
1.5in Light Pink Bandana
Cricut Machine

Let’s Create a Cute and Country Birthday Board

The most important aspect of this board is measuring! You must measure in every single step and double check your measurements to. I create the entire board and layout and then when I love how it looks, the last step is to glue everything to the board.

The first step is to lay out the ribbon and create the border for the board.

Then in Cricut Design Space, I created all the images and the text in Cricut Design Space. Remember to measure everything. The first couple boards I made, I actually cut everything in scrap paper and laid it on the board to make sure it fit. Then I lay all the images and text onto the board. All the text is in white vinyl. My daughters name and the images are created in cardstock. After I completed the whole board, I went back and added the lasso because I felt like it was missing something.

Now it’s time to glue everything to the board and transfer the vinyl to the board. I began by glueing the ribbon, I just glued the corners of the ribbon to the board. Then I start at the top and work my way down to the bottom glueing as I go. For my daughters name I used the fine tip glue pen. For all the other images I used hot glue. Then I used transfer tape for the vinyl. To transfer the vinyl I love to use the Cricut scrapper that comes in the Cricut Tools Craft Basic Set

Then when everything is glued to the front of the board, I glued the ribbon to the back of the board using hot glue.

The last step is to hot glue the ribbon with a knot in the middle to each corner of the board.

The Cute & Country Cowgirl Birthday Board is ready for the “Round Up.”

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