Conversation Heart Wreath for Kids

Conversation Heart Wreath for Kids

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My kids love creating decorations for their doors, so I knew that making a Conversation Heart Wreath would be perfect for a classroom party. These wreaths are perfect for preschool or elementary class parties. All you really need is construction paper and glue.

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Supplies for Valentines Day Conversation Heart Wreath

Supplies for Kids Valentine’s Day Wreath

Hearts cut out of paper (card stock or construction paper)
Paper wreath form or paper plate wreath
Vinyl Words or Marker to Write Conversation Heart Messages
Glue Stick

Let’s Create a Conversation Heart Wreath for Kids

I created these pieces for my son’s classroom Valentine’s Day Party, but this is a great craft for kids to do anytime. I used my Cricut Maker to create these pieces, but these can easily be cut by hand. Use a variety of colors to create the hearts in either card stock or construction paper.

Convseration Heart Wreath for Preschool and Elementary School

To create the conversation hearts, I cut the words in vinyl and added them to the hearts. This craft is perfect for using your vinyl scraps. I did this ahead of time because class parties have limited time, but if your doing this at home, your kids can add the vinyl to the hearts. Also if you are making this with older elementary students, they could write their own messages on the hearts.

Hearts fro Valentine's Day Conversation Heart Wreath

How cute and fun are these conversation hearts? They were a real hit with the kids and they had fun reading them.

Easy Paper valentines Day Wreath for Kids Craft

The kids can glue the hearts around the paper wreath form and they will have a new Valentine’s Day decoration.

Conversation Heart Wreath for Kids

To complete the conversation heart wreath, hole punch two holes at the top and string a ribbon through. Leave a loop at the top so that the wreath can be hung as a decoration.

How to Hang the conversation heart wreath

Are you ready for some Valentine’s Day crafting now?

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