This beautiful rustic Christmas wreath with jingle bells, red berries, and pinecones will look perfect on your front door. Grab your wreath making supplies and follow this simple DIY tutorial to create your rustic wreath. Add a touch of burlap or use another idea to add a bow as a finishing touch. #Christmaswreath #Christmas #DIY #Rustic #ChristmasDecor #ChristmasIdeas #FrontDoorDecor #Burlap #DIY #Wreath #Xmas

Rustic Christmas Wreath

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Christmas is such a magical time and I love the rustic Christmas decor. I had to create a wreath that had the look and feel of Christmas with a rustic touch. This wreath is simple to make and only takes a few minutes.

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Grapevine Wreath
Evergreen branches with pine cones (artificial)
White berries
Red berries
Bell Ornament
Burlap Ribbon
Green Wire
Hot Glue Gun

  1. To create the wreath, lay the evergreen branches and the berries where you like them. I placed them at the bottom of the wreath with the berries going towards the top fo the wreath.
  2. Attach everything with Paddle Wire 20 Gauge 4 Ounces/Pkg-Green and Adhesive Technologies 05694 Mini Hi-Temp Glue Gun (& Combo Pack) Glue Gun & Glue Sticks.
  3. Add the bow where the evergreen branches meet. I find bows hard to make, but I followed this tutorial and used one layer to make the bow on my wreath and for the middle part of my bow, I wrapped it with twine instead of using the ribbon. Bow Tutorial Link:
  4. Hot glue the bell ornament to the wreath. I just cut the ornament hanger off and used the bell as a wreath decoration. The bell ornament came with the pinecones and the berries attached to it. Choose any ornament that matches your wreath.


  1. Your rustic Christmas wreath is ready to decorate your home for the holidays.


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