Unikitty Party Backdrop

Unikitty Birthday Party

Do you have a Cricut? Have you thought about getting one- well if you have, you should! It’s awesome! You can create and make any celebration exactly how you want it. I know you are probably saying, but it’s so expensive. It’s an expensive purchase, but it will save you money. Here is my daughters

Unikitty Photo Frame

Unikitty Birthday Photo Frame

Have you seen the LEGO Movies? One of the characters is the cute adorable Unikitty (unless you make her mad). My kids both love the LEGO Movie, the characters, and the soundtrack. Of course they both wanted LEGO Movie 2 birthday parties. I wanted to give my daughters party a different spin then her brothers

LEGO Skeeball game you can make with Cricut, pasteboard and plates

Skeeball Toss for Kids

I have been getting ready for my son’s LEGO Movie 2 themed birthday party for a few weeks now, working on it here and there. Now it’s crunch time to finish up. The April Pinterest Challenge Blog Hop hosted by My Pinterventures is the perfect time to try out one of the many LEGO Birthday