Buffalo Check Christmas Card Holder

Buffalo Check Christmas Card Holder

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Receiving Christmas cards is one of the fun parts of the season. It’s always great to hear from friends you may not get to talk to a lot, but Christmas is a time to remember everyone who has touched our lives either big or small. I think everyone struggles with displaying the Christmas Cards. I created an easy Buffalo Check Christmas Card Holder that anyone can create.

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Supplies for Christmas Craft

Rectangular Piece of Wood
Natural Twine
Buffalo Check Plaid Wired Ribbon
Oracal 651 Glossy Red Vinyl
Oracal 651 Dark Green Vinyl
Transfer Paper
Cricut Tools

Let’s Create a Buffalo Check Christmas Card Holder

To get started I took a piece of wood that was from my wonderful neighbor who always thinks of me when she has scrap wood and gives it to me. I always take it because you never know when you can use it. This piece is from an old bookcase. My husband gave it a good sanding.

Getting the wood ready to create a Christmas Card Holder

Now it was time to paint it white. I wanted it to look a little rustic, so I went back and sanded the board with fine sand paper. After painting it, I wrapped the natural twine around the board. I just used tape to hold it in place and went back and hot glued it to the back of the board.

Then I cut strips of buffalo check ribbon about 6-7 inches and tied them onto the twine.

Add twine with ribbon to display the Christmas cards on the Christmas Card Holder

It needed a little something else so in Cricut Design Spaceβ„’ I created “Merry Mail” and some evergreen and flower to decorate the top. The evergreens and the flower are from Lovesvg.

I cut the design on the red and green vinyl using my Cricut Maker.

Add Merry Mail in Vinyl for the Christmas Decoration for cards

Then use transfer paper and my Cricut tools to add them to your Christmas Card Display Holder.

Use transfer paper to add the vinyl merry mail to the Christmas card holder

The Buffalo Check Christmas Card Holder goes perfectly with my Buffalo Check and Santa display in the kitchen. It’s perfect to display the cards on. It’s a little farmhouse and buffalo check to make a cute and country Christmas Card Holder!

DIY Christmas Card Holder for cards

I can’t wait for the Christmas cards to come in the mail. How do you display your cards?

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