DIY Halloween Bandana Wreath

DIY Halloween Bandana Wreath

A Halloween Bandana wreath is simple, easy and anyone can make one. I love it because it's orange and black and the colors go so well together. Plus this wreath has so many creative possibilities, you could add a sign or letters to write boo, spooky, trick or treat or any popular halloween saying or leave it plain like me.

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Step 1:
Cut bandana strips about 8-10 inches long. I like my strips shorter (like in my wreath), but cut them the length that works for you. You will need about 4 bandanas depending on the length of the bandana strips and on the size of your embroidery hoop. Try to cut them as straight as you can, but you can't tell once they are tied on the wreath.

Step 2: Start tying the bandanas around the embroidery hoop. I did a pattern of black and orange all the way around the wreath.

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Step 3:
When the wreath is finished, I go around and trim the bandanas all the way around to make the lengths even.

Your cute Halloween Bandana Wreath is finished. Remember this makes a great wreath for anytime of the year, just change the bandana colors. If you would like a fuller bandana wreath, use a green wire frame, but be warned it will take more bandanas and lots of tying. I've made two wreaths (one with ribbon and one with bandanas) and they are beautiful, but my fingers were so tired from tying.

Happy Halloween!

Jenny Sparmo

Jenny Sparmo

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