15 Back to School Teacher Gift Ideas

The first day of school is coming! It’s a time of excitement, nervousness, wonder, adventure, and happiness for students, parents, and teachers. A teachers first day is busy and exhausting. Teachers work hard all the time, during the school day, before school, after school, and continue to work at home. I love to show my appreciation for teachers all year long because I know what a teachers job is like. Any of these 15 Back to School Gift Ideas are perfect for a teacher on the first day: school supplies, a snack, a gift card, or something cute for them. Enjoy back to school shopping and choosing a great back to school gift for your child’s teacher.

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DIY Washi Tape Clipboard
First Day of School Teacher Gift
Back to School Teacher Gift
Sharpie Teacher Gift Printable
School Supply Cake
First Day Survival Kit
Back to School Teacher Gift
First Day of School Gift for Teacher
Teacher Gift Tags
Mason Jar Tumblers- as teacher gifts!
Back to School Teacher Gift Idea
Back to School Teacher Coffee Gift
A Latte Teacher Gift Idea for the First Day of School
Ball Mason Jar Teacher Gift
Back to School Gift Teachers Really Want

Happy Back to School!

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