Hanger Tags for Kids

Back to school is a time when moms, dads, and caregivers try to get organized and ready for the year ahead. The morning task that takes the longest in our house is picking out clothes and getting dressed. These Hanger Tags for kids will be fun for them to create and use.

I love the idea on Pinterest of picking out the clothes for the whole week, Genius Idea! We will only have to pick out clothes and go through the drama once a week. But after you pick out the clothes what do you do with them? My children’s rooms have enough stuff in them, I don’t want to add another bin, cart or hanging cubby, which is why I created these hanger tags for each day of the week to hang on the outfits your child picks out. This way the clothes stay in the closet and you are all set for the week. The door knob tags fit perfectly on the hangers.

This project is fun, easy and the kids can help create the hanger tags to help get them into back to school mode. The hanger tags have endless possibilities of imagination and creation.

At the dollar store, I have seen foam door hangers many times and have never bought them. Now that I want and need the foam door hangers, I could not find them. So I used my Cricut Explore to cut the door knob hangers, they are about 7.5 inches long, and the Mickey Mouse Ears.

These are the supplies I used for the Hanger Tags:

Variety of Colored Card Stock (my son chose the colors)

Alphabet Stickers- I love to scrapbook so I had many to choose from

Felt Stickers

Cricut Explore to cut the hanger tags (I used the door knob hanger image) and the Mickey Mouse Ears


Creating the Hanger Tags

Ready for the instructions, have fun and decorate the hanger tags any way you would like. I used abbreviations for the days of the week with the alphabet stickers and decorated them. This is a great project for the kids to do because it gives them ownership over the tags and hopefully they will be more likely to enjoy using them. My son loves them and proudly hung them on his hangers.

Here are some other ideas to create and decorate the hanger tags with.

Have fun creating hanger tags to make picking out clothes for school easy and organized for the week.

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