7 Trash to Treasure Upcycle Projects for Your Home

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If you are looking to decorate your home on a budget, then you need to start shopping at the thrift store and use these upcycling ideas for beginners. Sometimes a little paint or glue is magical and the makeovers are mind blowing. These 7 trash to treasure upcycle projects are perfect for your home and fun DIY’s to do.

All of these items were given a second change when they left the thrift store to be beautiful home decor ideas. Some of my favorite home decors from the thrift store are my farmhouse signs, my baby girl picture frame, and my chalkboard.

My absolute favorite that I use everyday is my desk organizer.

At this time, we are all pretty much stuck at home (COVID-19 is happening), but think about some pieces in your home that could use a makeover. Or start making a list for when the life goes back to normal. Sometimes I wish I had supplies to get a few projects done, but that’s life sometimes.

DIY Thrift Store Makeovers

If you are a beginner to upcycle projects, start with something easy that only needs paint (that’s a great starting point). Always look past the color or design, because it can be covered, taken off or repainted. Creating a beautiful home on a budget is a huge win.

Did you find a project that inspires you today? Have fun thrifting.

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