A strong family bond is important and kids grow up fast. Start making memories with these 6 fun ideas/activities for your family. Make memories year round! #Family #FamilyMemories #Familyfun #Fun #Kids #Memories #Traditions #Holidays #STEM #Art #Games #Nature

6 Family Traditions to Start Now

We have all heard to “give your children experiences instead of things.” I have created a list of 6 Family Traditions that my family has started and it’s changed our world. It’s helped make our family stronger, closer and we are creating magical memories that will last a lifetime.

As a family we spend hours, days, months and years together, but sometimes adding something special, something magical to an ordinary day adds an experience that will bring your family closer and create amazing memories. Family traditions are a perfect way to stay connected no matter how old your children are. These will also help your family reconnect in many ways as you spend quality time together.

I love when the kids ask, is it movie day? What science experiment are we going to do? Are we going anywhere special? It really lets me know that they look forward to these traditions.

Family Dinner Night with a Fun Name

We have all heard of “Taco Tuesday”, so why not pick other fun names for dinner nights. Here are some examples “Mystery Monday” (have dinner be a surprise) “Spaghetti Saturday” “Pizza Friday”. In this world today everyone has busy schedules, but try to pick one night a week that you sit down as a family and share a meal together. This is a great time to be technology free (even the adults), learn about each others day, and share fun moments or tough moments from the day. I am truly blessed because my husband works from home and our family has the opportunity to eat dinner together every night.

Family Movie with a Special Snack

Pick a day and time that works for you and sit together as a family, enjoy the movie and each others company. Our special movie snack is popcorn with M & M’s. Honestly my son ask every other day if it’s movie day and if he can have popcorn & M & M’s. He loves it so much. Sit together on the couch or put blankets down and snuggle on the floor or have a drive in movie outside. Another time to be technology free, except for that occasional adorable picture that you have to take.

Enjoying Nature Together

Go to parks in your area, join a nature club, go hiking, bike riding, fishing, boating, go on a picnic or plant a garden together. Enjoy the outdoors and all it has to offer. We love going to the local nature club and the events they sponsor. For example our nature club has events at the zoo and we learn more detailed information about the animals and their exhibits. On Pinterest https://www.pinterest.com/cinderelly98/nature-activities/
I have a board about Nature Activities to do at home as a family.

Science, Art or Building Project

As a family create together, build something amazing or do a science project and watch your children’s faces as magical things happen before their eyes. At Christmas time, we made gingerbread houses together. St. Patrick’s Day would be a great time to build a leprechaun trap. Some examples of science experiments we have done are Lava Lamps (that was the most popular one), made silly putty, made play snow, Magic Milk Experiment, and Dancing Rice. On Pinterest https://www.pinterest.com/cinderelly98/stem-for-kids/
I have an entire board- STEM for Kids and you will find all kinds of science and building experiences for your family.

Experiences as a family at least twice a month

It’s fun to do something different and go to new places. Try to go out twice a month and do something fun for the whole family. Look for websites in your area that our for families and that share local events and happenings to go to. This is the local site for my area https://fun4kidsinbuffalo.com and it always has amazing things to do as a family (especially lots of events that are free). Don’t break the bank with these experiences, try to find free festivals, free family events or events at your local library. Another great thing to do is buy family memberships for places your family enjoys and goes to the most, such as the zoo or children’s museum or amusement park. Make the time to make memories!

Creating Family Traditions for the Holidays

The holidays are a wonderful time of the year and children bring that magic to the holidays in a way nothing else can. Create special traditions for the holidays that your children and family look forward to. They can be traditions you do at home, something as simple as baking a special dessert or hanging a special decoration or something memorable you do every year to celebrate that holiday. For Easter we take our family on the Bunny Train and it’s a wonderful, fun eggcelent time. They get to meet the Easter Bunny, go on an egg hunt and ride the train. For the month of November, each night at dinner we say what we are thankful for. For the 4th of July we always go the same parade and have a family squirt gun fight. Creating these traditions will be memories and experiences your children will always remember and someday they will pass these traditions on to their children.

I hope you enjoyed these ideas for family traditions to start with your family. It’s a wonderful way to create a strong family base, strong relationships with your children and spouse, and give your children magical and memorable experiences to remember for a life time.

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