5 Kids Outdoor Craft Ideas for Summer Fun

My kids love crafting and creating, but when it’ s a beautiful sunny day outside it’s hard to stay inside and craft. This summer we are going to enjoy crafting and the outdoors together. I gave this a lot of thought because I didn’t want to be taking a ton of crafting supplies outside. These 5 Kids Outdoor Craft Ideas for Summer Fun have simple supplies and hours of fun.

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5 Kids Outdoor Craft Ideas for Summer Fun

Cloud Drawing

The outdoors has tons of inspiration for creating and one family activity we love is cloud gazing. Who else loves looking for shapes in the clouds? Spend a beautiful cloudy day gazing at the cloud then draw what they see in the clouds. For supplies all you need is construction paper and white chalk/crayons/markers.

Model Magic

Model Magic is a fun and creative way to make things that you see in nature. It’s mess free too. Be inspired by nature, the flowers, the bugs, and all the sights and sounds to mold something magical with the model magic. This is a fun activity to do, then leave it to harden as they splash in the pool or ride bikes. All you need for this is Model Magic! I even found some shimmer model magic, how cool is that.

Washable Sidewalk Chalk Paint

Sidewalk chalk is great, but here is a fun twist. It’s sidewalk chalk paint! You just mix the color packs with water, then give the kids a paint brush and let them create. My kids love this and it’s so easy to make. I just use a plastic beach bucket, the hose, and a toy shovel to mix the paint.

Goblies Throwables or Water Gun Paintballs

I’m super excited to try the Goblies this year. I saw them last year, but we never got to do them. It seems like summer just flies by too fast. These are super easy to use, just have a blank canvas, shirt or beach towel to throw the paintballs at. The Goblies are also made for water guns too so instead of throwing, just squirt. I can see the crazy fun messy time now, but hey that’s what childhood is about.

Water Color Painting Outside

Painting with water colors is always fun, but somehow the water usually gets spilled. The good thing about painting outside is who cares if it spills in the grass. This is a fun way to paint the flowers or the neighborhood, your house, birds or the butterflies. What a fun way to spend a day outdoors painting. All you need is drawing paper, water colors, a cup of water and a paintbrush. Easy to set up and clean up.

Make it a summer to remember with these fun outdoor crafting ideas. To remember all these special moments create a summer memory book. Happy creating outdoors!

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