DIY Poinsettia Tree

DIY Poinsettia Tree

One of the prettiest parts of Christmas is the Poinsettia, the Christmas flower, but since we have a cat and a dog we can't have a real one. I wanted to find a way to add the poinsettia to our Christmas decor and I found my inspiration at the dollar store. I went into a different dollar store in a plaza I never go to and it was wonderful. It had so many aisles of Christmas and so many new things to look at, that I have not seen at my usual dollar stores. I am starting to think I go to the dollar store to much, but I love a good dollar store find. Did you know that Dollar Tree has a Christmas Catalog?

While looking at all the Christmas I came up with the idea for a poinsettia tree. I have made ribbon trees, burlap trees, and cupcake liner trees, but this time I am trying out a poinsettia tree. Plus this Christmas decoration has the great price of $4. I was going to create this on a foam cone, but the dollar store didn't have any so I took a chance with the tinsel tree and it turned out great.


Supplies (all from the dollar store)

Tinsel Tree
Hot Glue Gun
Hot Glue Sticks
Wire Cutters/Scissors


How to Create a Poinsettia Tree
  1. Cut the tinsel off of the tree and use the tree frame to place the poinsettias in


2. Cut the poinsettias off the plant


3. Start placing some poinsettias in the tree frame. I started at the top and put 2 poinsettias in each opening. I didn't attach them with anything, but the flowers can be hot glued or wired to the frame


$1 Craft Supplies at Dollar Tree!

  1. Keep placing the poinsettias in the tree frame of the first two sections


5. In the last section hot glue one poinsettia to each of the plastic poles


6. After glueing a poinsettia to each of the plastic poles, hot glue the petals or the leaves around the bottom to make sure the tree frame doesn't show.


7. Hot glue the poinsettia petals to the top of the tree so that the top of the tree frame doesn't show


These make a beautiful centerpiece for your table or as a pretty addition to your Christmas decor. Another great idea is to use the foam balls and create poinsettia topiaries. Have fun creating this beautiful, easy and cheap Christmas craft.


Jenny Sparmo

Jenny Sparmo

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