2x4 4th of July porch decor

4th of July Porch Decorations

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One of the main reasons we bought our house was for the porch. I love sitting on the porch and of course decorating it. Decorating the porch this year is a priority of mine. The porch always has a little something, but it could use more love and attention. A pile of 2×4’s in the garage are waiting to be used from my parents and since the 4th of July is coming, I created some 4th of July Porch Decorations.

Scrap 2x4 in 3 different lengths to make 4th of July Porch Decor

Supplies for Red, White, Blue 2×4 Craft

3 Scrap Pieces of 2×4 in different lengths
Make Up Wedges
Patriotic Ribbon
Raffia Ribbon
White Paint
Blue Paint
Red Paint
Hot Glue Gun
Cricut Maker

Cricut Maker Machine

Let’s Create 4th of July Porch Decorations

2x4 Painted Red, White and Blue

Start by painting each of your 2×4’s a different color. A great thing about this project is you can mix it up and make your 2×4’s different colors. Create what will match your design style. In Cricut Design Space™ I created the USA, rockets, and stars. Using my Cricut Maker cut the designs onto Cricut Vinyl .

Layout the vinyl pieces on the 2x4 and then use transfer tape to apply the image to wood

Lay out the designs on the 2×4 to make sure you like the placement and how the design looked. On the tallest blue one I did stars and on the shortest red one I did USA and the rockets.

Add on the removable vinyl as stencils to create the design on the patriotic 2x4 craft

When I started this project I was going to paint the rockets, but the blue popped off the red in such a great way, I used the vinyl. Normally for outside decorations I use Oracal 651 because it’s a permanent vinyl. I’m taking a chance by leaving the rockets on, but I can always fix them. To apply the vinyl to the 2×4’s use transfer tape. If you don’t have a Cricut, you can buy a stencil, paint by hand or use the other methods to transfer the designs to the wood.

Stencil on the 2x4 star designs with paint



It’s time to paint the stencils. For stenciling I like to use makeup sponges to paint. Remember a little paint goes along way and dab up and down slowly. After about 4 coats, let the paint semi-dry and remove the stencil. I touched up a few spots where white paint was noticeable on the blue and the red paint.

White 2x4 with Patriotic Ribbon

For the white 2×4 I wrapped patriotic ribbon around it and hot glued the ribbon to the 2×4.

Homemade decorations are always unique, which is why I love them! These look great on the porch to celebrate the 4th of July. It’s going to be red, white, and blue galore!

2x4 4th of July porch decor

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