41 Easter Basket Ideas for Toddlers and Preschoolers

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It’s almost time for Easter and it’s time to start filling those baskets full of goodies. I shop all year round for items for Easter Baskets and for Christmas Stockings. The Dollar Tree and the dollar section at Target are gold mines for baskets and stockings. These ideas are also perfect for stocking stuffers and treat bags too!

Toddler Easter Basket Ideas


I compiled a list of over 40 items for your child’s basket. I have nothing against candy and I will put a little in the baskets, but kids need all kinds of stuff all the time. Plus I can’t stand “junk”, to me that applies to little things that my children will never use or play with, it’s just something you buy to fill the basket.

Here is my list of things your children need, want, and can use on a daily basis to fill their baskets. Some categories have several things listed.

41 Easter Basket Ideas, Stocking Stuffer Ideas, Treat Bag Ideas for Toddlers and Preschoolers

1- Melissa & Doug On the Go Water Wow Books: just add water and kids can color or do learning activities2-Construction Paper


3- Art Supplies:  Dot Markers, Stamps and Paint are always good choices to keep them busy and to make beautiful art with

4- Journals: great for drawing, writing and all sorts of doodling. My kids love carrying around their notebooks and “writing” in them

5- Jewelry: pretend necklaces, bracelets, rings

6- Fisher Price Little People Wheelies – wheelies come in all sorts of styles. My little ones love zooming these around. How about some DC Super Friends WheeliesDisney Princess Wheelies, or Toy Story Speedsters

7- Sunglasses

8- Books: I could do an entire list of all the books that my kids love. Choose books about spring or your child’s interest, but here are some of our favorites.

9- Stickers


10- Coloring Books


11- Fisher Price Little People

12- Play-Doh

13- Socks

14- Hair Accessories: hair clips, adjustable headbands with super cute printscable knit headbands

15- Card Game or Matching Game


16- Tableware: plate, cup, bowl, or silverware

 17- Puzzles


18- Dress up: Construction Workerprincess capePJ Mask Cape,

19- Bubble Blower and Bubbles

20- Light Up Wands or glow sticks

21- Gardening Tools- how cute is this set and it’s available in pink and blue

22- Photo Album: fill it with pictures of family, pets, and friends


23- Foam Craft Kits


24- Stuffed Animals

25- Candy


26- Stamps27- Dot A Dot Art

28- LEGO Duplo Sets

29- Reusable Character Shopping Bag

30- Character Band Aids

31- Bath Toys and Accessories:  bath finger paints, color drops, bath crayonsbubble bath

32- Magnetic letter or numbers

33- Hat: This cute summer hat comes in a variety of prints and colors and perfect for spring and summer. 

 34- Sidewalk Chalk

35- Bunny Ears 

36- Balls


37- Pin Wheel


38- Drawing Board

39- Bath Mitt


40- Sand/Beach Toys

41- Hot Wheels

42- Beach Towel

43- Reusable Sticker Books

Enjoy shopping and filling your little ones basket with fun goodies. 

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