Easy large Cricut 3D Paper Tulips

3D Paper Tulip Bouquet Craft

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A fresh bouquet of tulips is my favorite thing about spring. In honor of my usual tulip bouquet, I decided to make a 3D Tulip Paper Flower Bouquet to decorate with since fresh tulips might be hard to find this year. Right now with everything going in the world, we all need some sunshine and cheer!

Normally this would be a quick craft in under 15 minutes, but since I had to be creative and make do with what I have, It took a little longer. My new bouquet was worth the creativity because it makes me smile every time I see it.

Tulip Paper flower bouquet craft idea

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Supplies for 3D Paper Tulip Bouquet with Cricut

Supplies for 3D Paper Flower Craft

Variety of Small and Large Card Stock 3D Tulips
Wooden Skewers
FolkArt Soft Apple Paint
Plaid Paintbrushes
Hot Glue Gun
Floral Foam
Any Extra Fabric or Scrap Fabric
Mod Podge Ultra Spray
Metal Bucket

Let’s Create a 3D Paper Tulip Bouquet

Cricut 3D Paper Tulips

To start with follow this step by step tutorial to make the Cricut 3D Paper Tulips , both small and large in a variety of spring card stock colors.

Folkart Soft Apple Paint to paint the wooden skewers as stems for the easy paper tulip bouquet

Once the easy paper tulips are made, paint the wooden skewers with the FolkArt Soft Apple Paint . My husband put a nail through a scrap piece of wood and then I stuck on a piece of foam. It worked perfectly for holding the stems. When the skewers are dry, slide them into the middle of the flowers.

If you have floral foam, insert it into the metal bucket, but if you don’t be creative, I cut up an old floral foam wreath and used pieces of it for this, which made it a little tricky. This metal bucket is from the Dollar Tree.

Cutting the floral foam wreath into circles to use top ut the wooden skewers inside the metal bucket for the 3D paper tulip bouquet

I cut them into thin circles and hot glued them to the bottom of the metal bucket where I wanted to put each of the tulips. I did one paper tulip at a time. For the larger tulips I used two foam circles for some to give them more stability.

Fill the metal bucket with scrap fabric to the top

I did all the large tulips first and then added in fabric to fill in the empty spaces.

Small tulips in the metal bucket to create the spring 3D paper tulip bouquet

Since the metal bucket was deep, I kept adding cloth until it was high enough to add the small tulips. Hot glue the foam circles to the center and side of the bucket and insert the small tulips.

Using Mod Podge ultra spray to add the moss to the top of the bucket and to cover the fabric

Then add more fabric to fill in the top of the bucket. To cover the fabric, I added moss to cover it. I used Mod Podge Ultra Spray to glue the moss to the fabric. Talk about easy! This makes glueing moss so easy and no burn marks from the hot glue. I used the same method on my Quick and Easy Easter Decoration.

Easy large Cricut 3D Paper Tulips

Happy Spring! You now have a gorgeous 3D paper tulip bouquet. Somehow my front purple tulip got a little crooked, but that’s okay it gives it character.

3D Paper Tulip Bouquet with Cricut

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