Hidden Feature to Search by brands in Cricut Design Space with Cricut Tips and Tricks

3 Secret Cricut Tips for Design Space

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I love Cricut and I’m constantly learning new things. I’m really excited about Cricut Design Space being offline now. Have you downloaded the new Cricut Design Space? Make sure you do because the online version will only be available until the middle of January 2020. There are all kinds of tips and tricks, but these secret features of Cricut Design Space will make your crafting so much easier.

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Cricut Design Space Setting Cricut Tips

Cricut Tip #1 for Design Space Setting

Did you know you can change the grid of your canvas in Cricut Design Space™? You can choose full, partial or no grid. You can also change the units of measurement too. Now that Design Space is offline, you can change your save settings too. You can save to the cloud or the cloud and computer. Just follow the steps in the picture below.

Cricut Design Space Canvas Secret Cricut Tips for Settings

Cricut Tips and Tricks #2 for Images

Hidden Feature to Search by brands in Cricut Design Space with Cricut Tips and Tricks

Cricut Design Space has some amazing images, but searching through them all can be time consuming. Did you know you can search by Categories and Brands? We are all inspired by different styles and searching by brands allows you to find your images much faster. I love Miss Kate designs and this is the easiest way to find them. In categories, you can find the holidays, seasons and very specific categories such as clothing and accessories or education and kids crafts (just to name a few). Just click categories and scroll all the way to the end to find the brands.

Cricut tips to find images easier and faster in Cricut design Space

I highly recommend the Cricut Access Premium, it gives you many fonts to choose from and images for a great price.

Cricut Tip #3 for the Cricut Maker

This tip is just for the Cricut Maker users, but did you know you can choose materials as your favorites? Once you click the star in the corner of the material, it becomes a favorite. Then it will automatically pop up when you go to cut a design. After you click make it and the Cricut connects, click the star and you will have new favorites.

Creating Favorites in Cricut Design Space

I feel like some of these secret hidden features are there, but you just don’t know about them unless you go exploring in Design Space. When I first started using my Cricut, just completing a project was hard. Now it’s fun to find out all of these features that make crafting so much easier and will make you a design space pro.

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