21 Awesome LEGO Party Favors

21 Awesome LEGO Party Favors

Ever since my kids have seen the LEGO Movie 2, they are so in love with LEGOS. Everything is not awesome is pretty much on loop mode everyday at my house. The song is so catchy it doesn’t even bother me, but don’t get me started on Baby Shark. My son is having a LEGO party this year for his birthday and my daughter says she wants one too. We will wait and see on that because she changes her mind a lot. I found all kinds of party favors for a LEGO party and wanted to share them with you. It will help take some of the stress away of planning a party!

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21 Awesome LEGO Party Favors

Buy LEGO bricks and give each child a bag of LEGOS

Get some cool brick shades

Mini Animal Building Bricks- how cute are these

Color Brick Notepad & Pencils & Erasers

Here’s just the LEGO Notepads

LEGO Novelty Bracelets

Building Block Suckers

Building Block Glasses your child can design and build on

Do you remember slap bracelets? Here are some Color Brick ones

LEGO Mini Figurines are a huge hit at my house and here are some cool Mini Figurine Crayons

Kids love decorative pencils

Bubbles are always fun! Here are some block bubbles

Building Blocks Bouncy Balls

LEGO Mini Figurines

Block Party Paddleball Game

Who knew, they have brick candy too!

Do you want the easiest way to make a LEGO Goody bag? Here’s one that’s all made for you

Mini Building Block YOYO’s

LEGO Party Favor Treat Bags

Now that you have your party favors, how about a cute place to put them

or LEGO Party Favor Boxes

LEGO Treat Bags covered in building bricks

Don’t forget about The Dollar Tree! They usually have a few LEGO party supplies and favors!

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